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'Model 5' German Equatorial
Telescope Mount

Approximate dimensions of Opticcraft Model 5 Telescope Mount

Heavy Duty Pillow Block Bearing Mount

For telescopes 4.25 to 12.50 inches. Heavy duty taper ball bearing pillow block design on both axes. 2.00 inch diameter shafts. Bearing length 10.00 inches. Declination shaft 14.00 inches long. Polar shaft 17.00 inches lons. Counter weight shaft solid steel.
Weight Capacity:162 lbs.
Polar Shaft Length (A):22 inches
Declination Shaft Length (B):24 inches
Declination Flange Diameter (C):6 inches
Shaft Diameter (D):2 inches
Polar Bearing Length (E):12 inches
Declination Bearing Length (E):12 inches
Examples of Model 5 from the Photo Gallery
model5 sirius model5 polaris deneb hwedge
Accessories and Options
Setting Circles$86
Only 6" dia. aluminum with black body and white etched number border to fit their axis.
Hydraulic Wedge$295
Wedge for equatorial mounts with hydraulic assist.
Counter Weight$40
Ten pound counter weight.
Counter Weight$45
15 pound counter weight.
Counter Weight$52
Twenty pound counter weight.
Cradle, 6 inch$45
6 inch Telescope Cradle
Cradle, 8 inch$55
8 inch Telescope Cradle
Cradle, 10 inch$65
10 inch Telescope Cradle
Cradle, 12 inch$72
12 inch Telescope Cradle
Cradle, 14 inch$82
14 inch Telescope Cradle
Cradle, 16 inch$108
16 inch Telescope Cradle