Sturdy Telescope Mountings
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After many years of experimenting with and designing mountings, we have concluded the product we produce affords the best compromise of function, cost, durability and vibration dampening. We could produce fork styles, Alt-Alt, English and various cone bearing designs. Each has its limitations, either through poor dampening suppression or being cost prohibitive from an investment standpoint. In the final analysis, mass, support mechanism and its proportion are the test of function.
In all cases the mountings we produce are over-designed to support instrument weight and the ability to dampen vibrations. Most of our customers come to us after they have experienced marginal performance from their mounting and drives from companies that mass product questionable systems. Optic-Craft provides overall system functional upgrade.

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Features and Specifications

Optic-Craft mount important features:


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Model 14" to 8"40 lbs.2.000"4.0"12.0"6.0"12.0"6.0"$665.00
Model 26" to 12.5"52 lbs.2.437"4.0"12.0"6.0"12.0"6.0"$780.00
Model 34.25" to 10"60 lbs.1.000"4.0"22.0"12.0"24.0"12.0"$990.00
Model 44.25" to 12.5"95 lbs.1.437"4.0"22.0"12.0"24.0"12.0"$1180.00
Model 54.25" to 12.5"162 lbs.2.000"6.0"22.0"12.0"24.0"12.0"$1990.00
Model 610" to 16"210 lbs.2.500"6.0"22.0"14.0"24.0"14.0"$2780.00
Model 710" to 20"280 lbs.3.000"8.0"22.0"14.0"24.0"14.0"Ask
Model 810" to 20"596 lbs.3.500"8.0"22.0"14.0"24.0"14.0"Ask
Model 910" to 20"720 lbs.4.000"10.0"22.0"14.0"24.0"14.0"Ask
Model 1010" to 20"880 lbs.4.500"10.0"22.0"14.0"24.0"14.0"Ask

Before purchase always verify specifications and pricing with Contact Optic-Craft

Pillow-Block Bearings

The use of pillow-block bearings is an effective approach for constructing equatorial mountings.

Advantages are as follows:

Here are two examples:

Model 3
1" shaft assembly (2) bearings
Radial load rating 2340 pounds
Thrust load rating 1176 pounds
Target load weight 60 pounds
Model 7
3" shaft assembly (2) bearings
Radial load rating 8420 pounds
Thrust load rating 4193 pounds
Target load weight 280 pounds

Example overload for both mounts is 500 pounds.

As one can see, for an assembly turning one revolution per sidereal day, the safety factors for a telescope weight of 500 pounds for a 1" pillow block bearing is 430% overrated for radial and over 200% for thrust. For a 500 pound telescope using 3" pillow block bearings the saftey factor is 1600% for radial and 800% for thrust. This is dead weight carrying capacity. One does have to consider mass of the telescope mounting to distribute dampening and stability. So a 500 pound telescope will dampen much sooner on a set of 3" pillow block bearings running on a 3" shaft, then that of a 1" pillow block set. Keep in mind that the 1" pillow block bearing set with a 1" shaft will mechanically support a 500 pound telescope, but with very poor dampening capability; This is the reason we suggest 60 pounds as a practical limit for the Model 3 in telescope applications and similar limits for the larger mounts. The motto here is more mass means more dampening which for telescopes is a good thing.

Ordering Information

  1. Delivery - 5 to 8 weeks from receipt of order.
  2. Warranty - 5 years parts & labor.
  3. Shipping - C.O.D. United Parcel Service shipping charges only U.S.A. & Canada. C.O.D. Air Mail only foreign orders.